Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 \NlocaleThis is the main namespace that encloses all localization classes
  oNasThis namespace includes all manipulators that can be used on IO streams
  oNboundaryThis namespae contains all operations required for boundary analysis of text
  oNconvNamespace that contains all functions related to character set conversion
  oNflagsThis namespace holds additional formatting flags that can be set using ios_info
  oNgnu_gettextThis namespace holds classes that provide GNU Gettext message catalogs support
  oNperiodNamespace that contains various types for manipulation with dates
  |\NmarksThis namespace holds a enum of various period types like era, year, month, etc.
  oNtime_zoneNamespace that holds functions for operating with global time zone
  oNutfNamespace that holds basic operations on UTF encoded sequences
  \NutilThis namespace provides various utility function useful for Boost.Locale backends implementations