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The Boost Statechart Library

Contacting the author

First of all, thank you for considering to provide feedback about Boost.Statechart! All feedback (including questions) is valuable for the progress of the library and its documentation. Please post to either of the following groups if the matter could also be of interest to other people:

Please prefix the subject line of your post with [statechart]. This will help all group members to quickly find the threads they are interested in.

I try hard to regularly read both lists but every now and then I'm on holiday or even miss a post. If you don't get a satisfactory answer within a few days or feel that the matter is of no interest to others, you can also reach me by email. To prevent spammers from harvesting my email off the web server I can only give you an obfuscated address: You need to remove the words spam and trap to obtain my real address.

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