Boost.Hana  1.3.0
Your standard library for metaprogramming
value.hpp File Reference

Forward declares boost::hana::value. More...


 Namespace containing everything in the library.


template<typename T >
constexpr auto boost::hana::value
 Return the compile-time value associated to a constant.This function returns the value associated to a Constant. That value is always a constant expression. The normal way of using value on an object c is. More...
constexpr auto boost::hana::value_of
 Equivalent to value, but can be passed to higher-order algorithms.This function object is equivalent to value, except it can be passed to higher order algorithms because it is a function object. value can't be passed to higher-order algorithms because it is implemented as an overloaded function. More...

Detailed Description

Forward declares boost::hana::value.