Boost C++ Libraries of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

This is the documentation for an old version of Boost. Click here to view this page for the latest version.


Special thanks to David Abrahams, Douglas Gregor, Hartmut Kaiser, Aleksey Gurtovoy, Peder Holt, Daniel Wallin, Jaakko Jarvi, Jeremiah Willcock, Dan Marsden, Eric Niebler, Joao Abecasis and Andy Little. These people are instrumental in the design and development of Fusion.

Special thanks to Ronald Garcia, the review manager and to all the people in the boost community who participated in the review: Andreas Pokorny, Andreas Huber, Jeff Flinn, David Abrahams, Pedro Lamarao, Larry Evans, Ryan Gallagher, Andy Little, Gennadiy Rozental, Tobias Schwinger, Joao Abecasis, Eric Niebler, Oleg Abrosimov, Gary Powell, Eric Friedman, Darren Cook, Martin Bonner and Douglas Gregor.