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Class template date_duration

boost::date_time::date_duration — Duration type with date level resolution.


// In header: <boost/date_time/date_duration.hpp>

template<typename duration_rep_traits> 
class date_duration : private boost::less_than_comparable1< date_duration< duration_rep_traits >, boost::equality_comparable1< date_duration< duration_rep_traits >, boost::addable1< date_duration< duration_rep_traits >, boost::subtractable1< date_duration< duration_rep_traits >, boost::dividable2< date_duration< duration_rep_traits >, int > > > > >
  // types
  typedef duration_rep_traits::int_type  duration_rep_type;
  typedef duration_rep_traits::impl_type duration_rep;     

  // construct/copy/destruct
  explicit date_duration(duration_rep);
  date_duration(const date_duration< duration_rep_traits > &);

  // public member functions
  duration_rep get_rep() const;
  bool is_special() const;
  duration_rep_type days() const;
  bool operator==(const date_duration &) const;
  bool operator<(const date_duration &) const;
  date_duration & operator-=(const date_duration &);
  date_duration & operator+=(const date_duration &);
  date_duration operator-() const;
  date_duration & operator/=(int);
  bool is_negative() const;

  // public static functions
  static date_duration unit();


date_duration public construct/copy/destruct

  1. explicit date_duration(duration_rep day_count);
    Construct from a day count.
  2. date_duration(special_values sv);

    construct from special_values - only works when instantiated with duration_traits_adapted

  3. date_duration(const date_duration< duration_rep_traits > & other);
    Construct from another date_duration (Copy Constructor)

date_duration public member functions

  1. duration_rep get_rep() const;
    returns days_ as it's instantiated type - used for streaming
  2. bool is_special() const;
  3. duration_rep_type days() const;
    returns days as value, not object.
  4. bool operator==(const date_duration & rhs) const;
  5. bool operator<(const date_duration & rhs) const;
  6. date_duration & operator-=(const date_duration & rhs);
    Subtract another duration <ndash></ndash> result is signed.
  7. date_duration & operator+=(const date_duration & rhs);
    Add a duration <ndash></ndash> result is signed.
  8. date_duration operator-() const;
    unary- Allows for dd = -date_duration(2); -> dd == -2
  9. date_duration & operator/=(int divisor);
    Division operations on a duration with an integer.
  10. bool is_negative() const;
    return sign information

date_duration public static functions

  1. static date_duration unit();
    Returns the smallest duration <ndash></ndash> used by to calculate 'end'.