Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
boost::locale::util::base_converterThis class represent a simple stateless converter from UCS-4 and to UCS-4 for each single code point
boost::locale::basic_format< CharType >Printf like class that allows type-safe and locale aware message formatting
boost::locale::basic_message< CharType >This class represents a message that can be converted to a specific locale message
boost::locale::boundary::boundary_indexing< Char >This facet generates an index for boundary analysis for a given text
boost::locale::boundary::boundary_point< IteratorType >This class represents a boundary point in the text
boost::locale::boundary::boundary_point_index< BaseIterator >This class holds an index of boundary points and allows iterating over them
boost::locale::boundary::break_infoThis structure is used for representing boundary point that follows the offset
boost::locale::calendarThis class provides an access to general calendar information
boost::locale::calendar_facetFacet that generates calendar for specific locale
boost::locale::collator< CharType >Collation facet
boost::locale::collator_baseBase class that includes collation level flags
boost::locale::comparator< CharType, default_level >This class can be used in STL algorithms and containers for comparison of strings with a level other than primary
boost::locale::conv::conversion_errorThe excepton that is thrown in case of conversion error
boost::locale::converter< Char >The facet that implements text manipulation
boost::locale::converter_baseThis class provides base flags for text manipulation. It is used as base for converter facet
boost::locale::date_timeThis class represents a date time and allows to perform various operation according to the locale settings
boost::locale::date_time_durationThis class represents a period: a pair of two date_time objects
boost::locale::date_time_errorThis error is thrown in case of invalid state that occurred
boost::locale::date_time_periodThis class represents a pair of period_type and the integer values that describes its amount. For example 3 days or 4 years
boost::locale::date_time_period_setThis class that represents a set of periods,
boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::domainThis type represents GNU Gettext domain name for the messages
boost::locale::generatorMajor class used for locale generation
boost::locale::hold_ptr< T >Smart pointer similar to std::auto_ptr but it is non-copyable and the underlying object has the same constness as the pointer itself (unlike an ordinary pointer)
boost::locale::infoFacet that holds general information about locale
boost::locale::conv::invalid_charset_errorThis exception is thrown in case of use of unsupported or invalid character set
boost::locale::ios_infoThis class holds an external data - beyond existing fmtflags that std::ios_base holds
boost::locale::localization_backendThis class represents a localization backend that can be used for localizing your application
boost::locale::localization_backend_managerLocalization backend manager is a class that holds various backend and allows creation of their combination or selection
boost::locale::message_format< CharType >This facet provides message formatting abilities
boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_infoThis structure holds all information required for creating gnu-gettext message catalogs,
boost::locale::period::period_typeThis class holds a type that represents certain period of time like year, hour, second and so on
boost::locale::boundary::segment< IteratorType >Segment object that represents a pair of two iterators that define the range where this segment exits and a rule that defines it
boost::locale::boundary::segment_index< BaseIterator >This class holds an index of segments in the text range and allows to iterate over them
boost::locale::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >UTF Traits class - functions to convert UTF sequences to and from Unicode code points