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Chapter 2. Boost.Align

Glen Fernandes

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

Table of Contents

Using align
Using aligned_alloc
Using aligned_allocator
Using aligned_allocator_adaptor
Using aligned_delete
Using alignment_of
Using is_aligned
aligned_ptr and make_aligned
Header <boost/align.hpp>
Header <boost/align/align.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_alloc.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_allocator.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_allocator_adaptor.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_allocator_adaptor_forward.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_allocator_forward.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_delete.hpp>
Header <boost/align/aligned_delete_forward.hpp>
Header <boost/align/alignment_of.hpp>
Header <boost/align/alignment_of_forward.hpp>
Header <boost/align/is_aligned.hpp>
3.11 [basic.align]
Version 1.0

This library provides function align for implementations which do not have the C++11 standard library std::align function available.

It provides allocation and deallocation functions, aligned_alloc and aligned_free, as their functionality is not yet available in the C++ standard library. They use platform specific functions, if available, or use standard library functions in conjunction with align.

It provides C++ allocators, class templates aligned_allocator and aligned_allocator_adaptor, which respect alignment. The first uses aligned_alloc and aligned_free while the second uses the allocator in conjunction with align.

It provides a deleter, class aligned_delete, which makes use of aligned_free. It is suitable for use with constructed objects allocated with aligned_alloc.

It provides type trait alignment_of for implementations without a conforming C++11 standard library std::alignment_of type trait.

It also provides function is_aligned to test the alignment of a pointer.

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