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boost::numeric::ublas::traverse_policy::by_row_policy< Wrap > Class Template Reference

The row_by_row traverse policy. More...

Inherits traverse_policy_wrapper< by_row_policy< Wrap > >.

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Static Public Member Functions

template<typename S1 , typename S2 >
static BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void advance (S1 &, S2 &j)
template<class E1 , class E2 , typename S1 , typename S2 , typename S3 , typename S4 , typename S5 >
static BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE bool next (const E1 &e, const E2 &me, S1 &i, S2 &j, const S3 &, const S3 &j0, S4 &k, S5 &l)
template<class E , typename S1 , typename S2 >
static BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void apply_wrap (const E &e, S1 &i, S2 &j)

Detailed Description

template<class Wrap = wrap>
class boost::numeric::ublas::traverse_policy::by_row_policy< Wrap >

This policy is used when the assignment is desired to happen row_major wise for performance or other reasons.

This is the default behaviour. To change it globally please define BOOST_UBLAS_DEFAULT_ASSIGN_BY_COLUMN in the compilation options or in an adequate header file.

Please see EXAMPLES_LINK for usage information.

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