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boost::numeric::ublas::scalar_matrix< T, ALLOC > Class Template Reference

A matrix with all values of type T equal to the same value. More...

Inherits matrix_container< scalar_matrix< T, ALLOC > >.

List of all members.


class  const_iterator1
class  const_iterator2

Public Types

typedef std::size_t size_type
typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef T value_type
typedef const T & const_reference
typedef T & reference
typedef const matrix_reference
< const self_type
typedef matrix_reference
< self_type
typedef dense_tag storage_category
typedef unknown_orientation_tag orientation_category
typedef reverse_iterator_base1
< const_iterator1
typedef reverse_iterator_base2
< const_iterator2
typedef const_iterator1 iterator1
typedef const_iterator2 iterator2

Public Member Functions

BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE scalar_matrix (size_type size1, size_type size2, const value_type &value=value_type(1))
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE scalar_matrix (const scalar_matrix &m)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE size_type size1 () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE size_type size2 () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void resize (size_type size1, size_type size2, bool=true)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_reference operator() (size_type, size_type) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE scalar_matrixoperator= (const scalar_matrix &m)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE scalar_matrixassign_temporary (scalar_matrix &m)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void swap (scalar_matrix &m)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator1 find1 (int, size_type i, size_type j) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator2 find2 (int, size_type i, size_type j) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator1 begin1 () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator1 end1 () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator2 begin2 () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator2 end2 () const
rbegin1 () const
rend1 () const
rbegin2 () const
rend2 () const
template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar, const unsigned int)


BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE friend void swap (scalar_matrix &m1, scalar_matrix &m2)

Detailed Description

template<class T, class ALLOC>
class boost::numeric::ublas::scalar_matrix< T, ALLOC >

Changing one value has the effect of changing all the values. Assigning it to a normal matrix will copy the same value everywhere in this matrix. All accesses are constant time, due to the trivial value.

Template Parameters:
T the type of object stored in the matrix (like double, float, complex, etc...)
ALLOC an allocator for storing the unique value. By default, a standar allocator is used.

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