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mpl sequence

Fusion provides a couple of adapters for other sequences such as std::pair, MPL sequences, and boost::array. These adapters are written using Fusion's non-intrusive Extension mechanism. If you wish to use these sequences with fusion, simply include the necessary files and they will be regarded as first-class, fully conforming fusion sequences.

Fusion also provides various schemes to make it easy for the user to adapt various data structures, non-intrusively, as full fledged Fusion sequences.


#include <boost/fusion/adapted.hpp>
#include <boost/fusion/include/adapted.hpp>

Fusion sequences may also be adapted as fully conforming MPL sequences (see Intrinsics). That way, we can have 2-way adaptation to and from MPL and Fusion. To make Fusion sequences fully conforming MPL sequences, include:

#include <boost/fusion/mpl.hpp>

If you want bi-directional adaptation to and from MPL and Fusion, simply include:

#include <boost/fusion/include/mpl.hpp>

The header includes all the necessary headers.