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Class template numeric_limits<::boost::units::quantity< Unit, T >>

std::numeric_limits<::boost::units::quantity< Unit, T >>


// In header: <boost/units/limits.hpp>

template<typename Unit, typename T> 
class numeric_limits<::boost::units::quantity< Unit, T >> {
  // types
  typedef ::boost::units::quantity< Unit, T > quantity_type;

  // public static functions
  static quantity_type() min() ;
  static quantity_type() max() ;
  static quantity_type epsilon() ;
  static quantity_type round_error() ;
  static quantity_type infinity() ;
  static quantity_type quiet_NaN() ;
  static quantity_type signaling_NaN() ;
  static quantity_type denorm_min() ;
  static const bool is_specialized;
  static const int digits;
  static const int digits10;
  static const bool is_signed;
  static const bool is_integer;
  static const bool is_exact;
  static const int radix;
  static const int min_exponent;
  static const int min_exponent10;
  static const int max_exponent;
  static const int max_exponent10;
  static const bool has_infinity;
  static const bool has_quiet_NaN;
  static const bool has_signaling_NaN;
  static const bool has_denorm_loss;
  static const bool is_iec559;
  static const bool is_bounded;
  static const bool is_modulo;
  static const bool traps;
  static const bool tinyness_before;
  static const float_denorm_style has_denorm;
  static const float_round_style round_style;


numeric_limits public static functions

  1. static quantity_type() min() ;
  2. static quantity_type() max() ;
  3. static quantity_type epsilon() ;
  4. static quantity_type round_error() ;
  5. static quantity_type infinity() ;
  6. static quantity_type quiet_NaN() ;
  7. static quantity_type signaling_NaN() ;
  8. static quantity_type denorm_min() ;