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singleton - Singleton


detail/singleton.hpp provides a way to access a Singleton of a class type. This is not a general Singleton solution! It is restricted in that the class type must have a default constructor.


namespace details {
namespace pool {

template <typename T>
class singleton_default

    typedef T object_type;

    static object_type & instance();

} // namespace pool
} // namespace details


Symbol Table
Symbol Meaning
T Any class with a non-throwing default constructor and non-throwing destructor

Requirements satisfied by singleton_default<T>
Expression Return Type Assertion/Note/Pre/Post-Condition
singleton_default<T>::instance() T & Returns a reference to the singleton instance


The singleton instance is guaranteed to be constructed before main() begins, and destructed after main() ends. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to be constructed before the first call to singleton_default<T>::instance() is complete (even if called before main() begins). Thus, if there are not multiple threads running except within main(), and if all access to the singleton is restricted by mutexes, then this guarantee allows a thread-safe singleton.


For details on how we provide the guarantees above, see the comments in the header file.



Future Directions

This header may be replaced by a Boost singleton library.

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