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IMC Summer of Code 2016


Boost has participated in the Google Summer of Code program for a decade and is very grateful for Google's generous past support. This program allows college students to have a paid summer internship working on open source projects, giving them an interesting alternative to summer onsite internships. Because the students that work on Boost libraries tend to stay with the same libraries summer after summer, the continuity of this program is important to Boost and to the students that work on Boost projects.

Boost has traditionally been a model GSoC participant receiving a more than average slot allocation, so we were caught by surprise when Google rejected our 2016 application. They asked us to apply again next year but to sit out 2016 to give open-source projects which don't normally get awarded an opportunity. We understand this rationale, but this policy would mean no summer internships for Boost and leave students that have been working on Boost libraries looking for other alternatives for the summer of 2016.

When IMC Financial Markets learned about this situation, they saw it as an opportunity to support the Boost community and demonstrate their commitment to student development and open source.

IMC worked with Boost to create its own "Boost Summer of Code" program, deliberately patterned after Google's program. IMC also stepped up to underwrite all the costs of this program for the summer of 2016.

We thank IMC for their support and community leadership.